5 Mind Blowing Things You Never Knew About African Shea Butter

Let’s say, instead of talking about shea butter, I digress to talking about the importance of naturally sourced product and how significant it is to your skin, you may become disappointed landing on this page!

Anyways, you cannot afford to experiment on your beautiful chocolate skin with no other product on the market other than one which contains the African Shea butter.

Going through many pages on the internet, you will agree with me that Shea butter is often talked about as a cream. And there is nothing wrong with that. However, to get the full glow and nourishment, do you feel augmenting  your cream with the African black soap won’t go a long way?

So do I really need to talk about what Shea butter is in this article?... I guess we’ll leave that for another.

Now, these are those five mind blowing things I am sure you never knew  or heard about the African shea butter

#1 Shea Butter is more than just a cream but a Medicine

Hey, I am pretty sure you would feel happy about buying a food and then discover, that isn’t just a food but a health supplement. Same analogy for African shea butter.

Here is how that works.  African shea butter contains a fatty acids, which has some nutrients that are necessary for improving the tone of your skin as well as preventing it from other skin issues like scarring, eczema, stretch marks, burns, athlete’s foot, insect bites, and even a few more.

If you have heard of cold pressed bentonite clay, shea butter has very similar functions.

#2 Shea Butter is Rich of Antioxidants

Also similar to some other cold pressed butters, shea butter is rich in some vitamins that help fight oxidation. Vitamins such as A and E including catechins.

What these vitamins do is protect the cells in your skin from dying as a result of being exposed to oxidation from environmental damage. While the catechins helps prevent the skin from ultraviolet radiation.

#3 Shea Butter Contains Anti Inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory properties such as the cinnamic acid contained in shea butter, is reported to help prevent the development of tumors.

In addition to that, recent research has also identified other anti-inflammatory properties such as lupeol cinnamate alsoto be contained in shea butter and specifically the African shea butter.

#4 Shea Butter is a Sun Shield

Do you ever wonder why despite the intense nature of the sun, some people’s skin keeps glowing more than yours?

If you would take out time to ask, you would probably discover they are using some product with shea butter on their skin.

This is why. Shea butter contains a fatty acid which makes it more like a shield when applied on the skin. It has the ability to shield your skin not only from the sun but also from other environmentally harsh elements like wind and even bitter cold. 

#5 Shea Butter can make you look years younger

Everyone wants to grow out of the childhood but no one wants to grow old. What do I mean? People want to look young and fresh every day. So when we talk of anti-aging, almost everyone says, “I am in!”

Yes. Shea butter can actually provide you with that. It’s vitamin A and E can keep your skin supple, and fully nourished – keeping all the cells alive and working to prevent your skin from unnecessary events that may damage your skin.

So what’s next? Check our collection of African shea butter. Raw, whipped, creamy...You choose.  Get extra savings by liking our social media pages and subscribing to our rss feeds.

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