Adinkra Wall Plaque

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Adorn your home with positive African Adinkra symbols. Beautiful rich wood is perfect with any decor. Approximately 24" long and 5" wide. Expect slight variations from photo due to being handcrafted.

Made in Kenya

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Made in Kenya

  • Gye Nyame - "Except God" represents the omnipotence and supremacy of God.
  • Nkyinkyim  - "twistings" represents the ability to withstand difficulties in life with initiative, dynamism and versatility.
  • Duafe - "wooden comb" symbol of beauty and cleanliness; also symbolizes in the abstract desirable qualities of womanhood, goodness, love and care.
  • Adinkrahene - "Chief of the adinkra symbols" symbol of greatness, charisma and leadership and said to be the inspiration in the design of other symbols. Signifying the importance of playing a leadership role.